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Natural Beautyz

Beauty Myths

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Beauty Myths

1. You should brush your hair a hundred times a day.
2. Eating chocolate and French fries causes zits.
3. Drink a spoonful of extra virgin olive oil every morning for smooth, even skin.
4. Cut your hair during a full moon so it grows stronger.
5. Pluck one gray hair, and two will grow back.
6. Spit three times into the bath water to make yourself beautiful.
7. Don't make a face in the morning -- if a rooster crows your face will freeze that way.
8. Tight hats can make your hair fall out.
9. Clean hair should squeak.
10. You can shrink the pores on your face.
11. If you shave your legs or bikini line, the hair will grow in blacker.
12. Dry skin causes wrinkles.
13. Earrings stretch your lobes out.
14. Dandruff is caused by your scalp being too dry.
15. You can prevent split ends by using leave-in conditioner and deep treatments.
16. Rubbing a hickey with a comb will make the love bite go away.
17. Your hair will grow faster if you cut it more often.

17 all-natural beauty secrets
1. Toothpaste will dry up a zit.
2. Dab Visine on a pimple to reduce redness.
3. Put raw meat on your face or body to reduce swelling.
4. Preparation H (hemorrhoid cream) shrinks bags under your eyes.
5. Rinse your hair with beer to make it shiny.
6. Mayonnaise acts as a great deep conditioner!
7. Lemon juice can lighten your hair.
8. Lemon juice is also a great astringent. Swipe a tad over your face and rinse after 5 minutes. No more shiny forehead!
9. Chewing on parsley can give you fresh breath.
10. If your eyes are puffy, try putting tea bags or cucumbers on them.
11. Get rid of product build-up -- massage baking soda into wet hair once a week.
12. Baking soda also works as a teeth whitener.
13. Almond or sesame oil can be used as makeup remover.
14. Petroleum jelly can work as a moisturizing gloss on shoulders and legs.
15. If you have oily hair, try rinsing it with a tablespoon of cider vinegar.
16. Chamomile tea can bring out the highlights in blonde hair. Put some in a spritzer bottle.
17. Carrots help you see in the dark.

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This is for natural beautyz or if your looking to be one.