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Natural Beautyz
Eye Make Up

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Eye Make Up Tips

Remember where black eye liner to bring out your natural eye color

Creating That Smoky Eye

Quick Tip

Everyone seems to want that particular look, but how do you create it?

  • Prep eye so that makeup won't melt during the evening. There are lots of products on the market that you won't be able to live without. Ask at your favorite cosmetic counter if you need help choosing.

  • The crease is very important to the smokey eye and it needs special attention. With a taupe colored shadow, or a mixture of gray and brown, pick up a small amount (to begin), and work it into the crease area. Continue until the area is well defined, with lots of attention to the blending process. Remember, the look we are after is smokey.

  • Using the same color, sweep it around the corner and beneath the lashes to bring attention to this part of the eye. Taper off as you move closer to the inside corner of the eye.

  • Liner is next on the agenda and you will want to smudge it deeply into the lashes.

    Placement of the liner depends on your eyeshape, but you can try completely surrounding your eyes with liner. If you find that suddenly you seem to have tiny eyes, pull back from completely encircling the area. The outer corners of top and bottom might be all you need.

  • With your favorite mascara, coat lashes so that they play up the darkness of the eye area. Several coats might be necessary.

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This is for natural beautyz or if your looking to be one.