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Natural Beautyz
Hair Removal Tips

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Hair Removal Tips

                    Brazilian Wax
Brazilian bikini waxes have been 'all the rage' since the late 90's, but they're certainly not new the US. Brazilian waxing was introduced to New York in 1987 by seven Brazilian-born sisters.
So how does it differ from a regular bikini wax? Basically, with the Brazilian, hair is removed in the front, back & everything in between. Most of the time a 'landing strip' is left in the front, but some clients opt for everything removed.

Difficulty: Average

Time Required: 15-30 minutes

Here's How:

1.   Most waxings occur in a private room with a door. I have heard of some with just a curtain between you and others. You remove your pants & underwear & lie on a table with clean paper or sheets. It is possible that you could be provided with a paper thong, but chances are... you won't.

2.   Because you only need about a quarter-inch of hair for the wax to grab onto, your waxer will start by trimming your pubic hair.

3.   The best waxers are fast, which means less discomfort for you. The waxer will dip a waxing stick into a pot of hot wax & then spread it onto your skin & hair. She will then apply a cloth strip over the still-warm wax, pressing firmly so the cloth, hair and wax adhere to one another. When the wax has cooled, she will pull the strip off, in the opposite direction of your hair growth, pulling the hairs out by the root.

4.   Most likely, your waxer will tweeze any stray hairs.

5.   Waxing usually starts in the front & moves toward the back. You'll likely have to move around in all sorts of odd positions in order for the waxer to do her job.

6.   Once the waxing is over, the waxer will spread soothing lotion over the waxed areas. You should ask what to do in case redness or bumps develop. Your waxer should be trained in this.

7.   Don't forget to get the name of the waxer so when you make another appointment you can get the same person.


  1. The procedure, like any waxing, can be very painful at first, but frequent visits usually cuts down on the pain factor. As for the embarrassing factor -- we like to think getting a Brazilian can't be any more embarrassing than a typical visit to your gynecologist's office. These aestheticians have seen it all before.
  2. The down side of a Brazilian wax... while it lasts as much as 3 weeks, the hair will grow back & you'll have to do it again.
  3. Another down side... hair has to be a certain length before it can sucessfully waxed.
  4. Another down side... you might experience red bumps or ingrown hairs.

               Top 10 Shaving tips

1. Don't waste your money on shaving creams formulated especially for women. They are virtually the same as the creams sold for men. Now if you can just find a scent that you can live with.

2. It is really important for your legs to be wet for at least a couple of minutes before you start shaving. Less than that and you risk irritation.

3. You are going to have to experiment with razors until you find the perfect one for you. Ask your friends for recommendations. I recently started sampling a variety and was amazed how different each of them feel.

4. Some shaving products can contain irritants which are going to cause red bumps and ingrown hairs. Try a shower gel or a hair conditioner instead and see if it works better for you.

5. Be sure to apply a moisturizer over your freshly shaved skin but be sure that it doesn't contain AHA.

That can cause irritation and you don't want that.

6. Be gentle when you get out of the tub or shower. Be sure to dab your skin dry, gently.

7. If you find your skin is still irritated, try an antibiotic like Neosporin. It offers quick relief.

8. Be sure to exfoliate your skin before shaving. It gets rid of all the dead skin cells that could clog up your razor, preventing a close shave.

9. Be sure to change razors or cartridges on a regular basis. It only defeats the purpose to use a dull razor.

10. If your hair is course, try using an alum block to lift the hairs.


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This is for natural beautyz or if your looking to be one.