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Natural Beautyz

Perfect EyeBrowz

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How to get the perfect eyebrows

Perfect Brows

Are you tired of looking at all those people with perfect eyebrows and just wondering how they got them like that? Then you've come to the right place! This is the place to come if you want eyebrows like Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Eve and all the other celebrities!      

First of all, you'll need:

a mirror, preferably a magnifying one

eyebrow tweezers

and obviously your self!

Step 1: Go into the mirror, and take a close look at your eyebrows. Run your finger over them a couple of times, so you know your eyebrows natural shape.

Step 2: Start plucking from under your brow and slowly pluck them one by one. Be careful, as sometimes it get a little addictive.

Step 3: Now, go to the top of your brow and begin to pluck, but be carful not to take off to many as this is where your natural arch is. Do not shave your eyebrows, ever! This does not help your case at all!

Step 4: Now try to remove the excess hairs if you have bushy brows but once again be careful.

Step 5: You could always get them waxed. It doesn't hurt that much and you get used to them but depending how fast your hair grows, this could get a little expensive.

Now you should have perfect brows. A brand to try is Tweezerman available at most department stores and at You can get your eyebrows waxed at most nail salons. Here are some tips on brows.


Care Tips on Tweezers
  • Clean Tweezers after each use.
  • Disinfect tips of tweezers in alcohol.
  • Protect the tips of tweezers with cap and keep in storage box or tube.
  • Spring tension can be increased by gently pulling the two halves of the tweezer apart. Once you have increased the spring, you cannot decrease it.
  • Never drop tweezers. Dropping will dull the tip and throw your tweezers out of alignment.
Five Easy Steps To Accurate Tweezing
  1. Brush hair in the direction of hair growth.
  2. Isolate the hair you are about to tweeze.
  3. Tweeze in the direction of hair growth.
  4. Pull one hair at a time.
  5. Pull gently and smoothly, making sure not to yank.
Shaping Your Brows
The shape of your brow should follow the natural line of your brow bone. The arch should
be highest at the outer corner of the pupil. To determine where the brow should begin,
place a pencil straight up from the side of the nostril. To determine where it should end,
hold the pencil diagonally against the outer corner of the eye pointing up to the brow bone.
Brow should extend slightly beyond the eye at which point it should taper slightly down.
Not Sure How Much to Tweeze?
Be sure to step back from your mirror and check your brows periodically. Tweeze a
few hairs from one brow and then the other so they remain symmetrical. Remember
that it's better to tweeze too little than too much.
Do's and Don'ts
  • Do tweeze in the direction of hair growth.
  • Do open your pores with a hot washcloth to make tweezing easier.
  • Do use a make-up concealer to draw your desired brow shape,
    then tweeze the hairs that fall below the line.
  • Don't use creams or moisturizers that can cause the tweezer to slip.
  • Don't tweeze nose hairs or hairs growing out of moles.
How to Keep Your Brows Looking Great Every Day of the Year
Try what make-up artists and beauty professionals use and recommend. Browmousse
will keep groomed brows in place with the flick of the wand. The clear, non-sticky gel
styles and conditions brows beautifully. Hypo-allergenic and fragrance-free.


Shaping Eyebrows

Before After
Armed with only tweezers, getting exactly the shape you want (and getting it to match) can be a tough challenge. A few simple tools makes it easy to achieve a beautiful arch. (stencil code El#1). 

How To

Tools: The white eyebrowz outliner stick Directions: Mark where you want the brow to begin and end. 
Tools: An eyebrowz stencil, (optional eyebrowz stencil touch holder  to help hold position). The soft angled stencil shape El#1 from the soft angled catalog was used in this makeover.
Directions: Place the stencil in position, lining up the inner corner of the stencil with the white mark you have made. 
Tools: Eyebrowz  dual comb/brush combo
Directions: Brush the hair through the stencil hole following the shape of the stencil. This step is important. This makes the hair follow the shape you want.
Tools: The Eyebrowz white outliner stick.
Directions:  Trace the outline of the brow shape using the white stick.
Tools: Tweezerman slant tweezers will be used here.(*see below) 
Directions:  We're now ready to tweeze the brow hairs that are outside of the white trace line. 
Tools:  Eyebrowz powder, eyebrowz brow gel
Directions: Hairs have now been tweezed and the white outline is removed. The stencil is placed back on, a tiny amount of brow gel  is placed on the brows. The Eyebrowz brush/comb is used to comb the brows as in step 3. Powder is brushed over the tail area to touch up the tail very slightly. Finally, the stencil is removed to give the result seen here.

Tools: Eyebrow defining pencil.
Directions: A block inner corner was desired for a finish. The eyebrow pencil very lightly outlined the entire brow. This brings slightly more definition to the shape


Arch EyeBrows Higher

How To: Flat to angled & high arched

Note the before
Tools: The eyebrowz brow comb/brush combo, 
Directions: Wet the brows. Brush the water through the brow hair ensuring the hair gets wet. This will make the hair more manageable. 
Tools: An Eyebrowz stencil (in this case stencil Ma#3). The Eyebrowz stencil touch holder keeps the stencil in position, Eyebrowz brow comb/brush combo
Directions: Lay the stencil down over the wet brow hair. Brush the brow hair through the stencil hole. Lift the stencil up to pull in hairs from the top and bottom of the eyebrow. 
  Tools: Eyebrowz brow powder
Directions: Look through the stencil hole and apply brow powder to spots that have no brow hair. 
Tools: Eyebrowz brow comb/brush combo,  brow gel
Directions: Brow gel was applied to the hair. After applying the holding gel, the dual comb/brush again combed the brow hair.
Tools: Tweezerman slant tip tweezers or brow razor
Directions:  The stencil was removed. The brow hair was left to dry in position. The hairs directly below the arch were removed.  Approximately 15 hairs were removed.


 Creating Eyebrows 

Buy your eyebrow stencils once, they last a lifetime.

Before After

How To

Tools: The Eyebrowz white outliner stick 

Directions: Mark where you want the brow to begin and how high you want it to be. Look in the mirror and decide this before you begin. Mark both sides with the white stick. The white stick comes off easily with a cotton swab, once your are finished.

Tools: An Eyebrowz stencil, (optional Eyebrowz stencil touch holder  optional to help hold position). The soft angled stencil shape Je#1 from the soft angled catalog was used in this makeover.

Directions: Place the stencil in position, lining up the inner corner of the stencil with the white mark you have made. Line up the top of the stencil with the line you have drawn across the top.

Tools: The Eyebrowz white outliner stick 

Directions: Lightly fill in the stencil area with the white eyebrowz outliner stick.  This suggestion was sent to us by a member of the National Alopecia Areata Foundation. We tried it and agreed, it really helped to lay a base. This made our powder go on even more evenly and helped keep the powder in place all day.  
Tools: The Powder Puff Brush, Eyebrowz Brow Powder 

Directions:  Press the stencil down and lightly brush the brow powder over the stenciled area. The brow powder was designed to stay on all day. Manufactured brush tips are much fatter than natural hair brush tips. It is the very tiny diameter of the natural hair that lets the brush pick up and deposit powder more evenly. 
Tools: A cotton swab 
Directions:  Lightly brush a cotton swab over the powdered area to remove any excess. Remove the stencil and press cotton swab over white lines to remove.


There are 5 basic eyebrow shapes.

Basic Shape Curved Angled Soft Angled Round Flat
Basic Shape Sketch


This is for natural beautyz or if your looking to be one.